every time #NonbinaryPeoplesDay or another day about nonbinary stuff happens people ask what honorifics they should use for us. for me, the answer is that you should rethink everything that you use honorifics for

so which firefox fork do i recommend to people now that they're doing opt-out ad shit?

The amazing @sundogplanets has a piece in Scientific American today on SpaceX's space junk hitting a farm near hers in Saskatchewan, Canada. I'm doing a broader story on this for my newsletter/video this week, but please do read this because it's good and important.


#space #nasa #spacex #spaceflight

I really hate the term “side-loading.” We shouldn’t need a word for the normal way we’ve been installing apps for the past 40 years. If tomorrow Apple decided they were going to start only letting you visit web pages they approved of, we wouldn’t call some sort of alternating system that let you see *the rest of the fucking internet* “side-paging”. We’d instead call the whole thing bullshit.

It seems to be a rule that, despite the most painstaking retellings, and the intelligent apprehensions of a competent doctor, the causation and details of a medical event are never to be recorded correctly in notes and records and must be re-explained to every doctor at every visit they become pertinent.

It's great having access to my doctors' notes after the AHCA's EMR mandates, but I sure wish I could at least suggest annotations easily. HIPAA provides for record amendment but it's nontrivial

"Between 2018 and March of 2023, LAPD officers were involved in a total of 4,203 pursuits. Of these pursuits, 1,032 resulted in a collision with injury or death. 496 bystanders were injured; nine bystanders died. 462 pursuit subjects were injured; five died. 60 officers were injured."

#LosAngeles #LAPD #ACAB


So wow: controlled tests of Europe's oldest #solarpanels show that even after 40+ years of service, they continue to produce around 80% of their original power output. 💪☀️


The Russians, unable to move forward on the ground, are now destroying Ukrainian cities from the air.
"The strategy seems to be to terrorize the cities enough that people will leave,”

Israeli military, which was illegally occupying Palestine, has transferred its power to civil servants working for the government.

This is de facto annexation of Palestinian land, a direct violation of international law.

There is legally zero difference between this & what Putin is trying to do in Ukraine.

Where is Biden and Blinken? Why are they allowing this?

"I do think that the biggest application of AI is going to be mass population surveillance," Johns Hopkins University cryptography professor @matthew_d_green tweeted, "so bringing the former head of the NSA into OpenAI has some solid logic behind it."


Texas should look like Kid's hair. But it looks like Play's hair. Because Texas wanted to hold onto that racism just a little bit longer.

The Alamo was also a fight to preserve Texas's right to keep slavery going. They lost.

You can't just keep lying and changing how history is taught to hide the shamefulness of racism. If you want to be remembered as the good guys, maybe try being the good guys!

Otherwise, you'll just be embarrassed when your kids and grand kids learn the truth about you.

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Juneteenth (June 19th) is not a "holiday celebrating when news of the end of slavery finally reached Texas." No. Just no. Y'all make it sound like network latency! Like we were playing Fortnite, and all the Black players were lagging.🤡

Juneteenth is when the racist state of Texas took another very public L. Texas did everything it could to keep slavery going as long as possible. They gave up land to Oklahoma, so they could be below the slavery line. The Alamo was a victory for abolitionists.

I think all the time about the reddit guy who was so broken by gendering toilet habits that he spent his life taking uncomfortable dumps.

This Israeli academic has the absolute nerve and audacity to harass someone who did the rare thing of naming how computer vision papers published at CVPR, one of the largest academic conferences related to "AI", are contributing to the genocide of Palestinians. He then cc's racist billionaire Bill Ackman to summon him to unleash his doxxing campaigns like he did so many before. CVPR enables this type of harassment because this is the type of academic community it is.

Chat Control, the EXTREMELY DANGEROUS bill to insert mandatory surveillance into EU citizens' communications, is set to be greenlit tomorrow patrick-breyer.de/en/council-t

If you are in the EU *TAKE ACTION NOW*, this is NOT A DRILL

FYI, there is a bug in systemd. So, running: "systemd-tmpfiles --purge" will delete your /home/ in systemd version 256. #linux

Source: mathstodon.xyz/@bremner/112615 and x.com/DevuanOrg/status/1802997

A few years ago, a kid mourning his dad handed me over 300 DVDs his dad had made of local bands in his London Suburb in the 2010s before passing on. He didn't know what do with them. I did. All of them are up at Internet Archive, hundreds of hours of cover bands playing in a bar, and now, thanks to a volunteer, Ducky, we have them all with dates and descriptions, where known. Enjoy.


oh, good, SPD is planning to expand their license plate reader program and contract out the data storage to Axon, who can be subpoena'd by states which have passed anti-trans laws.

you can let the city council know what you think about this decision: action.aclu.org/send-message/t

David Graeber: “Everyday we wake up and collectively make a world together; but which one of us, left to our own devices, would ever decide they wanted to make a world like this one?”

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